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Re-engineering Solutions for Obsolescence



Do you have unsupported Military or Aerospace projects?

Do you suffer from OBSOLESCENCE?

Do you have a plan to deal with it?

Does it work 100% of the time?


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DPA BRIDGES THAT GAP                                  This video is 8 minutes long and is silent

We are Specialists in Mil/Aero Product Support

The one stop shop for any issue related to obsolescence


  • Reactive obsolescence solutions by re-engineering of any obsolete item across most technologies. Never have a project held up again or be in a no bid situation.

  • Sourcing of parts that were unable to be purchased from other sources.

  • Electronic Upgrades (one revision to the next) on the same PCBs without wires.

  • Mechanical Repairs to electronics - burns, breaks, warp/twist and copper damage.

  • Consultation on product support solutions.

Our team has solved hundreds of “end of the line” situations where obsolescence has upset the flow of support for military equipment.

In the UK, the team has developed the perfect solution for printed circuits that are below the required revision level. This is known as InvisiMod and does not use wires. This technique comes with a life of the board guarantee, and is fully re-workable (every component will be able to be service replaced without disturbing the modification). These modifications are manufactured out of the same materials as the original PCB design. They are bonded to the surface creating an integrated new layer or layers and giving all the new interconnections and component footprints necessary to achieve the same result as a complete PCB redesign. To your advantage, this is at a fraction of the cost. InvisiMod has been utilized for the last 25 years and has always been capable of performing the required updates successfully, for any technology being added. This includes, BGA, LGA, flexi circuits and adding ground planes and screening.  These are now  available in the US and are fully US manufactured and assembled.

With our network of quality US companies, we have the capability to re-engineer almost any assembly, develop products from prototype ideas, manufacture working models that need to do more or re-engineer excellent items no longer available.  One of the US Associates will take our designs and get them approved as PMA's for use with civil aircraft.

The Associates are happy to project manage any of your obsolescence, re-engineering or development projects, or split the tasks with the OEM, MRO or sub-contractors. We can also include training your staff in any of our tasks, or consulting with you to set up a department of your own in reactive obsolescence solving.

We offer very high levels of customer service. You will always be delighted with our speed of reaction, quality of the results and being kept informed of the progress.